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Most Texans say they text and drive

On Behalf of | May 11, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

If you always put away your cellphone before you start driving, you are in the minority in Texas.

In a recent survey released by AAA, 51 percent of Texans admitted that they regularly text and drive. With all that we know about how driving while distracted by their phone affects a motorist’s ability to drive safely, that is frightening. In fact, the real percentage could be higher. Many distracted drivers were likely too ashamed to tell the truth.

A scary thought

The next time you drive through Corpus Christi, consider that most of the other drivers may not be giving their full attention to the road. Instead, they are texting friends, relatives or co-workers. Or maybe they are looking at social media apps or reading emails — anything besides their duty to act reasonably to prevent a car accident from happening.

27 seconds to recover from effects of distracted driving

Even those who only look at their phones at stoplights are putting everyone around them in danger. As AAA says, it takes up to 27 seconds for the brain to fully refocus on driving after using a cellphone. In that time, a driver can easily cause a serious crash. Experts agree that no amount of distracted driving is safe and that drivers should not handle their phones until they have parked their vehicles.

Distracted drivers do not mean to hurt people in car accidents. But they make do not respect the legal duty that all Texas drivers have to take reasonable steps to avoid an accident. One of those steps is focusing their attention on driving. The result of not doing this can be a tragedy.

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