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The public charge rule no longer dominates immigration cases

On Behalf of | Aug 25, 2021 | Immigration Law

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has the difficult task of monitoring immigration and enforcing relevant laws. USCIS workers conduct interviews, perform background checks and even carry out deportation orders. 

Immigration is a lengthy process with multiple forms of review and paperwork required. The longer someone hopes to stay in the United States, the greater the level of scrutiny that the USCIS typically applies to their application. Applicants who don’t meet certain standards could have their entry refused or even find themselves facing an order to leave the United States after living here for years. 

What rules impact immigration options?

Numerous rules affect the rights of immigrants and their future options. Immigrants have to avoid criminal convictions and pay appropriate taxes. 

They also typically need to show that they can support themselves. Recently, concerns about financial independence dominated both USCIS enforcement and were largely debated in public discussions about immigration. Thankfully, that has now changed.

The USCIS no longer enforces the public charge rule

The public charge rule used to be cited when denying immigration rights to those who depended on public benefits. The more benefits someone received and the longer they received them, the greater the impact those benefits would have on that individual’s immigration status. 

The public charge rule has deterred people from entering the United States or applying for their green cards. Thankfully, now that the USCIS will no longer enforce the public charge rule, more people may pursue their immigration dreams. Knowing what rules apply to your immigration status can help you take the right steps for your desired outcome.

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