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Can you get visas for family members after earning a work visa?

On Behalf of | Dec 28, 2021 | Immigration Law

When you achieve professional success or get a good job with a company, it can change your life. Your job might even be the reason you moved to the United States. Your company might open new locations and need your experience. You could also receive a promotion that requires you to move abroad to a different facility.

Work-based visas are some of the most common visas for entry into the United States. Workers in a variety of employment categories ranging from managers to medical professionals could enter the United States to do a job here.

If you secure one of the numerous workplace visas available, can you bring your family to the United States with you? 

Immediate family members can apply for subordinate visas

You should not have to abandon your closest family members to pursue professional success. If you have an opportunity to work in the United States, you can potentially bring your closest family members with you.

Those with a work-based visa can help both their spouses and their unmarried children under the age of 21 apply for visas. These visas depend on the work-based visa. Your loves ones can renew their visas if you renew yours, but they could lose theirs if you lose yours.

Each family member will be subject to the same medical testing and background reviews as the initial applicant. However, provided that everyone passes, your spouse and children can enter the country and stay with you when you come to the United States to work. Learning more about immigration law can help hope those hoping to live in the United States.

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