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Know what to expect when someone you love suffers a brain injury

On Behalf of | Mar 13, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Traumatic brain injuries are some of the most devastating vehicle accident injuries. Even so-called mild brain damage typically requires a substantial period of recovery.

If a family member suffered a brain injury in a Corpus Christi, Texas crash, your ability to help them recover depends on what you know. Armed with knowledge, you will have improved odds of knowing what to expect as your loved one works through the recovery process.

The Ranchos Scale and stages of recovery

The Ranchos Scale allows medical professionals to track the recovery of injured patients. It can help family members, too, by showing them what to expect during recovery. However, you should know that the recovery process may differ from patient to patient.

There are eight stages of recovery for severe brain injuries under the Ranchos Scale:

  1. Patients are typically unresponsive or comatose.
  2. Patients may remain semi-comatose but slowly begin responding to sound, touch, etc.
  3. Patients regain some alertness and begin reacting to what is happening around them.
  4. A hard stage for loved ones, patients at this level become easily confused and agitated.
  5. Patients continue regaining lost abilities and are typically less combative than during the previous level.
  6. Patients become more functional at this level, begin regaining memories and have an increased ability to learn.
  7. Patients typically regain some ability to practice self-care, but they still require monitoring to keep them safe.
  8. Patients may have recovered enough to become independent. However, they may still require ongoing medical care and monitoring.

The list above is far from exhaustive regarding what family members might expect. We suggest learning more about brain injury recovery. You should also consider familiarizing yourself with accident and injury compensation to ensure continuing care for your loved one.

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