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Lawyers On Your Side After A Car Accident

Motor vehicle accidents kill and injure thousands of people in Texas every year. If you are recovering from a crash, you may not know how you will pay medical bills, live without your income from work and overcome feelings of worry and depression. How can you get the compensation that you need?

In many cases, a personal injury lawyer can help. Contacting an attorney is an excellent start after a:

  • Single-car accident
  • Crash between two or more cars and other types of vehicles
  • Motorcycle, bicycle or pedestrian accident
  • Truck accident
  • Bus, train or boat accident

Since the 1950s, Bonilla & Chapa, P.C., has offered help and hope to people hurt in auto accidents and other types of collisions in Corpus Christi and throughout Texas.

Does It Matter Who Was At Fault?

In Texas, it is important to find out which driver caused a crash. Before an insurance company decides that you were to blame, get an experienced lawyer on your side.

What To Do After An Accident

Protecting human life is the most important thing in any crisis. Follow these steps after a crash:

  • Stop your car and check to see if everyone is OK.
  • If anyone appears to be injured, call 911.
  • Report your accident to the police.
  • Tell someone at your insurance company about the crash but do not answer detailed questions yet.
  • Contact a personal injury attorney to schedule a free consultation.
  • Cooperate with your lawyer, who should start an investigation. Get advice from your attorney about how to protect your right to collect maximum compensation from your insurance company or another driver’s insurance. Consult with your attorney about whether to accept an offer from an insurance company or take your case to trial.
  • Follow doctors’ recommendations and do your part to get well.

What If The Accident Involved A Large Truck?

Truck drivers often drive when they are sleepy or tired. Sometimes they do not inspect their trucks before driving them on the highway. Federal and state laws explain the responsibilities of truck drivers and trucking companies. It is important to work with an experienced truck accident attorney to seek maximum compensation after your car crashed with a truck.

Ask Us For Advice As Soon As Possible.

To protect your rights after an injury or fatality in a truck accident or any motor vehicle accident, contact the offices of Bonilla & Chapa, P.C. in Corpus Christi or somewhere else in Texas. Call 361-881-1000 or send an email request for a compensation.

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